Nowadays we have so many companies from Asia that produce tires that we very often forget about the western companies and Pirelli is one of them. This company is well known among drivers, especially in Italy, Europe, because this company is from that country and sponsors Inter Milan so many fans of this football club simply love this company and buy their tires because they want to support their football club, which is obvious for Read More →


The German are known to be a very a hard-work society and therefore many of their companies are huge. We all know Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW – such cars are very popular in the United States of America and therefore we know that those car branches are very reliable and many people would like to have any model of those brands but still many Americans are unable to buy their cars as some of them Read More →

Hankook Tire

South Korea is a beautiful country that had a tremendous change during last 50 years. In 1950 is was a black hole, nothing else, but then they started an alliance with the United States of America and we helped them to build they country, nowadays they have huge companies, people earn a lot of money and they have some car and tire producing companies. To be honest? Cars from south Korea are much better-known that Read More →

Dunlop tire

Dunlop is a well-known tire producing company that sell its tires only in Australia, North America and Europe while it is best known in Australia. You might ask why don’t they sell their tires in Latin America or in Asia? There is no clear answer – maybe some workers know why it looks how it look, but I am unable to give you a good and clear answer. I know 2 things, first of all Read More →



If you are a car lover and you think about Japan you probably thing about Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Kia even some of them are from Southern Korea. I do not think that many people are informed that Bridgestone belongs to the Japanese. They make huge profits, hire a lot of workers ( we will focus on details later) and are well-known among street racers fans. The company is present in almost every market, but they Read More →



In the 21st century almost every European family have a car. What needs a car to be able to drive? Of course 2 things, fuel and… good tires. I said good tires, because maybe we are not aware of what good tires can give us. First of all, they give us SAFETY. W wrote it with capital letters, because many people are not conscious of this word. When we have a family, kids and so Read More →


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We all know that The Japanese are a great nation that has brought to this world a lot of great things. From Japan to the western world companies like Sony, Yokohama, Nintendo have come. In the previous century they invested a lot money in the USA because they do know that our market is huge and they can increase their incomes. The Japanese are also known to know how to go about businesses in different Read More →

How has Goodyear become so successful at almost every market?

Logo goodyear.com

Nowadays, in the 21st century we have so many tire-producing companies that we sometimes may feel confused about which tires choose?  I am a driver as well and in my life I have already had a  lot of different tires so I have some knowledge of it. In my opinion Goodyear is well-known company on account of their experts that work there. As we know it is not easy to run such a big company Read More →

Have you ever visited www.tiresplus.com?

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I think that each of us has already bought something online, but probably none of us bought tires online, therefore I would like to talk with you about tiresplus.com, a store where you can change oil, repair your car or buy tires. Well, this sounds great, because in one place we can do almost everything that is connected with a car. Well, yes it does, but every place has its pros and cons and we Read More →

Have you ever bought something at www.vulcantire.com?

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Nowadays more and more of us decide to do shopping online because it is much simpler than doing them in a regular way. We can check everything, prices in different stores without leaving our home, how big discounts some stores offer to us and much more, therefore doing shopping online is more and more popular every year. This creates a lot of new jobs in courier companies because someone has to deliver those things to Read More →